Got parking questions?

We’ve Got Answers! Everything you wanted to know about parking but were afraid to ask!

Getting In Early?

If you are on the early side, we have a lot of space in La Mer which is 250 yds from the start line. Nice!

Carpooling with 4 or more?

If you happen to have four or more in you vehicle, park at Venetian Village directly in the Carpool Only lot—Sweet!

Want to save your energy for the race?

If that is too far a walk, Park at Northern Trust or Trianon Center (across the street from Northern Trust) and hop on one of the 3 continuous shuttles — no waiting, practically door to door service. (It is a little under a mile if you decide to walk/jog if you prefer that. On Race Day that is a perfect warm up for serious runners). Practically Door to door!

Don’t mind a little walk before the race?

If you want to try and park at St John’s Episcopal at Crayton and Parkshore before 7 it is less than you would walk to a subway station in New York perhaps. Approximately .4 Miles walk. Fuggetaboutit..I’ve got this!

Biking it in?

Be green and use the bike valet. Show up having gotten a nice bike warmup in and leave whenever you want, no worries as our free bike valet personnel from Trek Bicycles of Naples get you your bike. Anyone who has done this has absolutely loved it!

Friendly Reminders

A gentle reminder that under no circumstances is it OK to park on neighborhood lawns. Please be respectful to area residents.

As with any race we always recommend you getting there on the early side to feel warmed up, have time to pickup your packet if you didn’t get to or register, use restrooms, find your start areas and get acquainted with your surroundings.

Packet Pickup on Race Day starts at 6AM. Have a friend or family member that can pickup your packet early on Wednesday 11/26, or can you be there? We highly recommend this option. (see packet pickup info here)

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