Meet Dr. Todd Vedder and the 95210 Kids on the Go! Program

Dr. VedderDr. Todd Vedder, a pediatrician for the NCH Healthcare system, also chairs the Safe and Healthy Children’s Coalition of Collier County. Here is his philosophy:

“If we can protect our children from tragedy and help children make healthier choices, we have done a great deal toward insuring these children will indeed fulfill their developmental potential and become the next generation of great individuals.”

In Collier County Public Schools, 23% of our school children are obese. As a pediatrician, Dr. Vedder became frustrated with the epidemic of childhood obesity. He realized that 20 minutes each year at an annual checkup was not going to be enough to combat this gargantuan problem. So Vedder, as he likes to say, “began to think outside the juice box.” (He likes to get kids away from sweet juices to water right away.)


The 95210 concept had been introduced to him at a conference in Boston years before. He began by reaching out to community partners to help focus on this growing problem. The coalition already had a great start addressing drowning prevention with education and pro-active swim lessons and a start on preventing deaths from co-sleeping or sudden infant death syndrome. 95210 was the arm of the program which would focus on addressing local inactivity and obesity epidemics threatening the quality of health of our youngest generation. The program also encourages breastfeeding.

Dr. Vedder at the Color RunDr. Vedder liked that the numbers were easy to remember: 9 represents the number hours of sleep a child should get each day, 5 signifies the number of servings of fresh fruits and veggies one should consume each day; 2 is the maximum amount of screen time – TV/ video games – a child should view each day; 1 hour of physical activity as mentioned and the 0 reminds children to avoid all sugary beverages and tobacco products. Also BFF= breastfeeding for the first year.

When asked how this program has changed his own family, he said this. “I realized that I had to stop drinking soda. I couldn’t very well be telling everyone to give up sugary beverages with a soda can in my hand.” He also mentioned that when out for dinner, his kids (without prompting) will choose a vegetable and drink water as their choice of beverage. It all starts with making little changes. He feels a lot better without the soda and a great weight has been lifted off his shoulders.

Dr. Veddar is excited for the future. A technology company has developed an affordable and motivating wrist band for kids that tracks exercise. Already, his son Charley is having friendly competition with Andrés, the son of SHCCCC’s Executive Director. (See the blog about Paula here)


The company is called ‘Movband’ and it tracks your number of ‘moves.’ The ‘Movband’ promotes a friendly and cooperative environment for competition between schools, teacher to teacher, student to student. The motivation is what really gets kids excited and technology speaks to them. The ‘Movband’ also provides new layers of data to track the effectiveness of the program. At $29.99/a unit, they are much more affordable than comparable devices. Since this 95210 program is in lower income schools and free for the kids, it is important we try to raise money to get enough of these out there for the kids to use. Learn more about Movband.

You can make a donation to 95210 during your registration or become a fundraiser directly here on our fundraising page for 95210.

What are Principals and students saying about 95210?

Megan Leiti, Mike Davis Elementary School – Vice Principal

“The Kids on the Go (KOTG) program has been a huge success at Mike Davis Elementary. With recess time being slowly diminished, this program provides the opportunity for our students to get exercise every morning. The effects of this are two-fold. Our students are getting much needed exercise, and this increase in their blood flow is helping their brains get ready to learn. Our students love to go outside in the mornings and do their laps. Inerlda Antoine, a third grader says, “I go to the Running Club in the mornings because I want to get healthy. It makes me exercise and I want to be healthy. I used to be tired after running, but now my muscles are used to it.

This program has also been an amazing asset to the already wonderful things that are going on at MDE. Our students are exercising in the morning with our Running Club, which incorporates the positive effects of learning about 95210 and how they can use it in their daily lives and throughout their lifetimes”.

Gerry Shadely – Mike Davis Elementary School PE Teacher
“This year we have around 850 kids that attend our school. At Mike Davis Elementary, we offer three different clubs each morning, “Kid’s on the Go”, Science Club and Chess Club. Each one of the clubs is very popular. Many kids participate in all three clubs on different days of the week.

Our kids love coming out in the morning to get some exercise. “Kid’s On The Go” has been very popular at all grade levels, K – 5. In the last two months, a total of 531 kids have participated at least once. Each morning we average around 180 kids walking or jogging. A total of 270 kids that have walked/jogged at least 10 miles, and 165 more kids have walked/jogged at least 5 miles.

“Kid’s On The Go” is a fantastic way to get the morning started. Better yet is the life – long healthy habits that the 95210 massage is delivering on a daily basis to our kids and their families”.