95210 Final Mile and Gobble Gobble check presentation


Matt Sonneborn, Race Director of the Gobble Gobble Four Miler™, presents a check to 95210 Kids on the Go! Matt performed the National Anthem on Thursday for the celebratory “Final Mile” at Golden Gate High.

This program inspired by Marathon Kids,is NCH’s Safe & Healthy Children’s Coalition’s project in fighting childhood obesity.

On May 8th, kids from five Collier County elementary schools participated in their final mile at Golden Gate High School. This event takes place at the end of 12 weeks of training, in which the kids will have completed 25.2 total miles by this point. The final mile represents their completion of the marathon distance of 26.2 miles.

For some of these kids this is a key lifestyle change in deciding to get fit. The ‘9’ represents 9 hours of sleep, the ‘5’ represents daily intake of servings of fruit and vegetables, ‘2’ represents maximum screen time (iPads/iPhones, electronics, computers, video games, tv etc.), ‘1’ represents 1 hour of exercise per day, ‘0’ represents no sugary beverages. We proudly presented them with a check for $4,760 in support of their successful program.

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