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Meet DebO the Nutrition Gal

It was so nice to catch up with Debra Orringer, a Nutritionist who you may have read about at Fit Nation if you have followed her articles. My personal favorite was the building of her standup paddleboard “DebO” as she

Meet Chelsea

A young girl with talent and a promising future I was recently at St Matthew’s House after corresponding with Fawn Volkert, the Director of Development there. She told me there was someone she wanted me to meet and talk to.

Got parking questions?

We’ve Got Answers! Everything you wanted to know about parking but were afraid to ask! Getting In Early? If you are on the early side, we have a lot of space in La Mer which is 250 yds from the

Re-Cycle Project just launched!

It is a privilege to announce that with the help of Naples Velo, Tish Kelly, and yours truly (Matt Sonneborn, Race Director) an effort is launching to help those in need in our County. The Re~cycle project wants to re-purpose

Fit2run hosts 2014 Packet Pickup

Gobble Gobble Packet Pickup is at Coastland Center Mall at Fit2Run on Wednesday Nov.26th from 10 am-6:30 pm There will also be Race Day pickup, if necessary, at Venetian Village on the day of the race. Early Pickup for friends

Fundraising Challenge!

Attention Foodies! We are proud to announce that Chef Brian Roland and Chef David Robbins have teamed up for a truly amazing Fundraiser prize! This year’s winner of the Fundraising Challenge will have an amazing meal prepared in their home

Three types of recovery?

Matt Reedy of Leapfrog Athletics recently posted about the three types of Recovery. Every runner should know about, and be incorporating, these key principles. Check out this short video or visit the full blog post at Leapfrog Athletics.

Meet Elite Events

We feel privileged to once again have Elite Events as an official sponsor of the Gobble Gobble Four Miler, helping us manage equipment and the finish line. Their assistance and professional expertise is invaluable. I sat down to chat with

Shameless plug for our Amazing Tech shirts!

We couldn’t resist sharing these amazing tech shirts with you. Not your ordinary cotton T-shirts, these high quality, sweat-wicking shirts will keep you dry throughout the race. The first 1500 registered gobble runners will receive one of these custom tech

Meet Dr. Todd Vedder and the 95210 Kids on the Go! Program

Dr. Todd Vedder, a pediatrician for the NCH Healthcare system, also chairs the Safe and Healthy Children’s Coalition of Collier County. Here is his philosophy: “If we can protect our children from tragedy and help children make healthier choices, we