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Meet Jonathan Hargrove

Jonathan is a Communications Assistant at St. Matthew’s House. Jonathan is also a graduate of Justin’s Place at St. Matthew’s House and a rehabilitated drug user. He first came to St Matthew’s House in 2010. He was an addict, scared

Meet Lisa Buohler

Many of you may know Lisa Buohler’s story. She is the competitive duathlete who was horribly injured while out on a training ride a week before she was to compete for the USA at the ITU World championships in Spain.

Meet Pam Tanner!

Pam Tanner has been running the Gobble Gobble each and every year since she first moved here in 2002. Since that time, she has had two children. Brendan who will soon be 7, and soon to be 4 year old

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Remember the Fallen 5K and FGCU events honor 9/11

I recently made a trip up to the charming town of North Port, FL to help prepare for an event called Remember the Fallen. Race Director Richard Yarnall, a firefighter whose firehouse is a block from the start and finish,

Running Backwards…

Running backwards? There are actually some very good reasons why you would want to integrate in your training regimen. Leapfrog Athletics presents Coach Matt on WHY you should be running backwards.

Dave McGillivray, Boston Strong

As the Race Director for the Boston Marathon, those in the sport of running are likely to be familiar with Dave McGillivray. After the bombing in 2013, becoming Boston Strong became a symbol for this country. The epitome of professionalism

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Meet Adam and Robin Francis

In January of 2012, Adam and Robin had an interesting discussion while celebrating the completion of a marathon in Kissimee, FL. It had been Robin’s first, and Adam’s third, marathon and they were celebrating at Chili’s over cheeseburgers and beer.

Meet Ryan Scofield

Ryan Scofield is a name you might have seen pop up in social media and on the blogosphere this week. His GoPro video of this, his third time being pulled over by an officer for cycling in the middle of

How I Became a Runner by Eva Takacs  

I started running in the summer of 2011. Why, you ask? I was skinny my whole life and I really wanted to be more toned and muscular. Not because of vanity, but for a sense of health and well-being. I

Meet Craig McSavaney

Craig McSavaney is one of those quiet heroes. He is a man who loves to tinker with ideas, ideas that can make a difference for us all. In 2010, thanks to Craig, the Gobble Gobble Four Miler™ hosted the first