The Gobble Gobble Four Miler strives to create a sustainable event by incorporating green strategies inspired by Athletes for a Fit Planet and their Pledge of Sustainability.

Parking lots of people in just over 200 spaces onsite necessitated looking into more efficient strategies to get folks to the event.  VIP Carpooling, biking, walking and shuttles make getting to the event possible for a race this large.

This is a cup-free event and there will be NO CUPS at all on the course this year.  If you want water during the race be sure and bring a drinking device such as the hydrapouch or a fuel belt, bottle or favorite drinking vessel.  Water is dispensed through a high speed valve called the hydrapour system so that you can fill on the run and keep hydrated.  You can learn more here.

After the race be sure to recycle your chips for next year or return them if you don’t wish to keep them as a souvenir.  We will have bins for them as you finish but nobody will make you stop to clip them.  Fit and Fuel has a nice offer on the back of the chip and you can return it by using that as well.

Green intiatives

  • Cup-free
  • VIP Carpool parking
  • Shuttles from offsite parking:  Northern Trust or Trianon
  • Walking encouraged
  • Free Bike Valet onsite
  • Solar power for speakers at start
  • We provide recycling bins as well as trash receptacles so notice the difference and help us to segregate the two efficiently.
  • We use bikes and motorcycles to lead the race and as marshals.
  • Registration is 100% online so no paper is used.
  • Virtual Goodie Bag means no wasting of paper and bags
  • Posters, signs, and banners are reused and almost all information is generated through the website and email communication.
  • We have finisher certificates that are downloadable instead of less sustainable alternatives.

We encourage reuse of containers/finish area cups by providing a Watermonster and coolers for refill instead of offering multiple cups.

We donate the unused food to our charity St Matthew’s House after the race which is a homeless shelter.