Can I transfer from the Fun Run to the Competitive Run if I decide to & what would that cost?

Unfortunately the Competitive Chip Timed event has reached its 2012 cap. Use your watch and compare your times to the results at the finish line.  Only the top three overall receive awards as we must vacate the premises after the event somewhat promptly.


Can I transfer from the Competitive Run to the Fun Run?

You may but not with a refund for the difference.

Will Hydrapouches be provided this year or can I purchase one?

Hydrapouches are not provided.  They are available for purchase at pre-registration for $6 or at Naples Cyclery.

Will there be any cups?


Did I already register? Can I check for friends and family?

Yes, view them here

Which event should I register for?

This is the second year offering a 4 Mile timed event.  You get a commemorative chip and your results are chip timed and results are recorded.  This is not the case for the Fun Run. If you have a stroller or don’t wish or care to be timed we recommend the Fun Run. The 1 Mile can be walked or jogged. It is for folks that might not want to go 4 miles.

My child is 9–should he/she participate in the Dash?

We recommend using the 1 Mile Walk as a walk/jog/fun run for that child. The dash I would say up to age 6 or 7 tops. It is only 75-100 yds. For kids over 6  the 1 Mile is recommended as they can run/walk or jog and it is short enough for them (you could turn around a little early if they are seeming like it is too long).  Under 6 is the Lil’ Gobbler’s 100 yd dash.

I won’t be able to make it to Packet Pickup.  What should I do?

You can either have a friend or family member pickup for you or do it at the Race. Waiting until race day is not preferred however. If you are doing the competitive 4 Miler once you get your chip and number you can just show up and run without lines to deal with.

Is the Fun Run walker-friendly?

Oh my yes. Just make sure to line up in the back so runners aren’t trying to get around you.

Can I run or walk with my pet?

No. There are too many participants to allow for pets to participate and they might end up causing injury or getting injured. There is a great event we recommend for that here: http://runforthepaws.wordpress.com/