Meet Michelle Kramer

This week we want you to meet our friend and participant from the Gobble Gobble Four Miler Michelle Joy Kramer who is a local nutritionist and health coach. Her message is clear as with others we have interviewed and inspiring:

mjk_beach2_socialsFormer smoker turned Ironman.

One morning in her apartment in NYC Michelle lit up a cigarette and turned on the TV. She was unaware of the impact of what was about to happen to her. She found herself watching the Ironman championships and in tears. Inside it lit a fire of inspiration to one day compete in one. She moved back to Florida and eventually decided to try and find a coach.
When her stepfather read the paper and started a conversation about a local triathlete’s successes Michelle had the good fortune of him saying “you won’t be able to do that.” Those words were like liquid nitrogen. She marched into her local running store and she asked for a reference for a coach only to find out that the person helping her was married to a gifted one who was willing to barter for massage therapy, which was her occupation at the time. The thing is, Michelle had very little experience and really had mainly just run a few 5K’s. She didn’t even own a bike at the time and could hardly swim a lap in the pool. Her coach Marty immediately had her sign up for her first sprint triathlon.

“When I started I was extremely intimidated, I thought I couldn’t do this, but I had the most incredible coach and he got me out of bed everyday. I would cry and fall off and he would say get back up..let’s go. He did Kona every year. At 75  he still competes at Ironman World Championships in Hawaii.”

She was hooked

She ended up winning her age group in her first event and she was hooked. She moved up to Olympic distance, then a half Ironman and within a year and a half the full Ironman. She was eventually able to qualify for Kona Ironman World Championships. While many people today do Ironmans only about 10% qualify and finish the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii.
After she achieved her Ironman goals she decided to head in a different direction. She decided to share her transformation with others and retired from triathlon training and competing. She became a health coach and nutritionist. Her nutrition during training and her drive changed her personal health and outlook and she just made a business plan and created her vision for it. You can visit her site here and though her client list is currently full, she might be able to offer you advice and steer you to another.

Michelle’s message to you:

You can do this! She had a personal record at the Gobble Gobble Four Miler ™ last year herself. You know you are going to overeat a bit on Thanksgiving so why not start your morning at Venetian Village with your family and do something great for yourself and make it your tradition? It is the perfect way to celebrate. Go ahead and sign up even if you never have before. Here is a simple training program that can help you get to the finish line or better yet just walk or jog in the fun run event or 1 Mile event. This is a non-intimidating event for all levels.

Michelle Kramer coming into the last turn of the 2014 Gobble Gobble Four Miler in her super hero garb.

Michelle Joy Kramer CHHC, AADP