Meet Simon Tracy aka The Ninja

ninja start

Simon has been running the Gobble Gobble since 2013 when he took home the 1st place victory for best costume as a pilgrim with a musket. That first year he found his groove. Before the race he admitted he was “freaking out a bit.” That year he didn’t have family around so he decided to go and be with his friends from Leapfrog Running, a very close knit group: his extended family of sorts.

simon costume prize
At the finish line Simon pretended he was shooting a turkey!

Simon is one of the main leaders of the Gordon’s pass challenge with Paul Neils, You can read all about that here in this article from our partners at Fit Naton Magazine


Tracy is a big believer in the integration of Yoga into running and he’s seen great improvement himself. He has been setting personal records consistently and placing or winning his age group this past year. His motto is “go and figure it out on your own” as he has. Simon says, “I don’t profess to know all the answers” but people ask him for advice all the time.

When he isn’t working out he is an artist. He even makes some of his own art tools. Check out the work he did here at this home on this wall:

simon art

Come out and celebrate with us and bring out your best costumes and have a great time everyone!