Volunteer Spotlight: Mike Russo

Meet Mike Russo of Less Taxing Services

Mike is one of our fantastic volunteers who helps the race go smoothly behind the scenes. His help is a great reason why the Gobble Gobble continues to be a holiday tradition for everyone at Venetian Village on Thanksgiving. When he isn’t handing you your Packet Pickup he’s preparing your tax return at his business Less Taxing Services.

Mike’s site asks: Do you love accounting, bookkeeping, and taxes? We didn’t think so.

168178_1824030804315_5273205_nMike came to us through his fiancée Marci Seamples who is the reason he moved to Naples who works for the Naples Zoo. She had participated in the Gobble Gobble event before and loved it and previously been an employee at the Philharmonic Center for the Arts. Mike grew up as a tuba player and attended the Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan. As a professional Tuba player and then as a music teacher, he learned quickly that you have to be able to make and communicate complex concepts and techniques in ways that children or young adults can grasp. That skill has served him well as he has started his own business and helps explain what’s on tax returns to absolutely anyone. Mike takes the time to get to know his clients personally so that he understands how to help them best and understand what their expenses mean and how to maximize potential refunds. It’s that practical and easy way he communicates with humor and in laymen’s terms that helps him help you get all the deductions you deserve and report it correctly and accurately.

“When I first started teaching music, I didn’t know how to explain balance and blend. I had to learn to take complex things and put them into plain English. When I did the kids would figure it out and start to see their own progress. Now its amazing to me to see a client’s tax returns from a prior preparer who just didn’t take the time to get to know them well enough to understand them and avoid mistakes depriving them of a potentially higher refund.”

He is also able to do everything remotely and save you the trip to the office or via phone with the latest secure technologies via computer. If that’s not your thing he’s happy to take care to have you come meet in person.

We sure are grateful for all our volunteers and I don’t mind endorsing strongly Mike’s work at Less Taxing Services. For my own family’s return, he was thorough and able to make sense of our complete financial picture. He was very attentive and helpful and understood the complexities of all our various income, hobbies and professional responsibilities. It made it very convenient to be able to deal with everything remotely from our standpoint. The encryption methods he used were as secure as are available. His advice was also excellent in dealing with further security issues for peace of mind. Our conversations are ongoing and his council has been very helpful indeed. Mike has a great sense of humor and that made the process hassle free.